Is Trump Breaking the Law by Removing Tweets?

Phoenix – Love them or dislike them, President Donald Trump tweets all the time, and news outlets cover them regularly.

Could he be breaking the law when he removes a tweet?

” Well he’s being taken legal action against over that,” stated Dan Barr, a media and political law lawyer.

We confirmed the Presidential Records Act, which passed in 1978 after the Watergate Scandal, means they should be archived.

It was a time before the entire world lagged a touchscreen.

” This is the very first time that we’ve ever had a president of the United States using Twitter like this,” stated Barr.

White House agents have guaranteed to save all President Trump’s tweets, even ones he’s erased.

A claim submitted versus him back in June intends to make sure all records are protected throughout Trump’s time in the Oval Office.

” We want you to stop doing this and to adhere to the law,” stated Barr, explaining the suit.

Regardless, there is a guard dog Twitter page of sorts.

When the president Tweeted a video of Olympic runner Usain Bolt picking up the national anthem, for instance, which was a recommendation to football players kneeling in demonstration, Twitter deal with @RealPressSecBot turned it into a governmental declaration format.

It does it instantly for any brand-new posts every 5 minutes.

And Trump cannot eliminate these.

Is he breaking the law? We got an instant, “Yes” from Barr.